Responding to Difficulties

Difficulties are quite normal. No one is exempted from them. But whatever type of difficulty we are in, our response to it will determine whether we will in fact benefit from it or not. For example, if we question God’s goodness because He allowed it to happen, we may become bitter toward Him and not pray to Him anymore. Or maybe we will blame God for the suffering we are in, or the choices we make as a result, thinking that it’s God’s fault that we are tempted to sin. As a result, our trust in Him may be affected. Such responses do not help us at all. They also do not change the situation we are in. We need to persevere and stay steadfast in our trust in God, even though we may not understand everything. We must continually put our hope in Him, for in doing so our faith will be strengthened by grace. From mere trusting God as an act our will, by God’s grace we will transition to trusting God because we have seen and tasted the goodness of God. We will have experiential knowledge of His faithfulness. This only happens after the trial is over. So be strong and persevere in the Lord. It will not be easy, but this is a better response to every kind of difficulty. (